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Developing different. 

Passion, purpose and years of experience sit behind the  development team that is The Crafted Projects Collective (CPC). 

Operating predominantly in the Wellington and Auckland regions, The directors have 25+ years of expertise across the industry in project management, construction, large scale development and real estate. 

Known for our clever use of challenging sites, enabling creative excellence through collaborative respect, and delivering quality product with next-level attention to detail, CPC has achieved a lot on the last six years, and we have a long-term development programme underway. 


Multi-unit developments have been completed in Auckland's Mission Bay, and Wellington's Lower Hutt, Brooklyn and Mount Cook. Current projects are underway in both Wellington and Auckland.

The way we work. 

We're not your typical developer. We bend expectations, boundaries,  standards - all for the better.  


We retain spaces in our developments to either live or work in.  We're proud of what we deliver & there's nothing better than seeing residents enjoying what we've created. 


Our core team of 7 is small, but mighty - with extensive collective experience NZ and abroad. Our work family is tight, but our collaborative approach extends into meaningful, longstanding partnerships with the best architects, planners, project managers, landscape designers, urban designers, interior designers and trades.

Property is our absolute passion: some of us from a financial modelling and market analytics perspective, others for the planning and infrastructure, for the interiors and spatial design, for the community building, and all of us for the workmanship.  

We love what we do and are always on the lookout for what's coming  up next. 

Exterior of Hospital Road Apartments by Crafted Projects
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